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Our mission is to market Moroccan products in the Gulf countries and in more than 80 countries around the world.

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We aim to market all Moroccan products of all types.

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Moroccan SHOWROOM project

Through our experience in international marketing for more than 15 years in the field
We seek to create new advanced projects that keep pace with technological progress
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International Marketing Trade Center

International Marketing Trade Center IMTC is a Moroccan-Gulf company specialized in introducing and marketing all Moroccan products inside and outside Morocco in 80 Arab and foreign countries on the five continents in several sophisticated and smart ways using the latest technology.

Project features

The project is based on BtoB shopping where producers from the Moroccan companies and cooperatives involved will be able to wholesale their products internationally, especially in the Gulf countries.

  • Displaying Moroccan products on the shelves of the SHOWROOM exhibition
  • Electronic platform on the site

Subscription benefits

  • Displaying the products on the shelves of the exhibition hall with the logo and name of each participant printed on his shelf with a link to the electronic page using the QR code.
    Introducing, publicizing and marketing the products of those involved in 80 countries around the world and in three (3) languages Arabic, French and English.
  • Obtaining 3 introductory pages in the electronic platform with data and products of the participant in the three languages Arabic, French and English.
    Linking relations between foreign companies and those involved by opening channels of direct communication between them.
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Our passion for introducing and marketing Moroccan products will only be achieved through creating partnerships at the national and international levels with the public and private sectors as well as professional associations and federations.
All to promote Moroccan products
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